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High-Impact Consulting

for Software Delivery Teams

My name is Marin Bezic. I help software delivery teams get better results by improving their organizational design, agile processes, and people management practices.

“In short time, Marin analyzed our workflows and processes, helped us create new team structure, and introduced agile methodology. He enabled us to better drive our fast growing business.” - Izabel Jelenic, CTO Infobip

Problems I solve

Productivity below expectations

Missing deadlines

Quality issues

Scaling teams and processes

Good employees leaving 

Agile adoption

Benefits my clients realized

My approach to improving organizations

Every organization is unique and simple copy/paste solutions don't work.

I take the time to understand your context, culture, goals and challenges. 

I engage your employees and co-create change with them. 


Respect your current state

Listen to the employees

Look at the whole system


Discuss recommendations

Prioritize options

Decide on the action plan


Make the "right-size" steps

Support and coach

Inspect and adapt  



I help companies improve their software development teams with a combination of interviews, workshops, and coaching.

Building a high-performance software development team, requires breakthroughs in organizational mindset/culture, leadership, and processes.


Before making recommendations, I seek to understand your current context and culture. Assessment is a series of discussions with management and members of the development organization.

As an outsider, with a fresh pair of eyes, I provide you with new insights and practical recommendations for improving your software delivery.


Culture can make or break an organization. I help you improve your organizational culture step by step, working together with the members of your organization.

The outcome is clear guidance on core values and behaviors, and feedback training for the people managers. Benefits are an easier reinforcement of good, and reduction of toxic behaviors.


Team leads/managers are critical in creating a great working environment that helps teams be healthy and successful.

My workshops cover key leadership and management topics useful for new and experienced leads - motivation, feedback, ownership, delegation, time management... Workshops are complemented with 1:1 coaching and mentoring.

Agile & Lean

I help teams who are adopting Agile/Lean or want to fine tune their development processes.

I offer Agile/Lean introductory workshops, Scrum/Kanban training, Agile coaching for small and large organizations, and retrospective facilitation.

Client list

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Clarity Consulting
Schneider Electric-DMS